Of Swords and Plumes 006: Joe Abercrombie’s “Half a King”

Half a King, by by Joe Abercrombie. Del Rey, 2014; reviewed in the hardcover edition.

If you've read my review of “The Heroes” (see blog archive below), you already know that I’m a fan of Joe Abercrombie's writing. His seventh and latest novel, “Half a King,” is the first in a proposed young adult fantasy trilogy called “The Shattered Sea,” and though his style is definitely stripped-down and streamlined in this new one to accommodate the YA reader, it’s still a mighty fine read.

First, the similarities between “The Heroes” and “Half a King”: both are fast-paced adventures set in low-magic fantasy worlds—in fact, there’s nothing at all that occurs in “Half a King” that requires magic to explain it. Both stories feature northern Viking-like cultures that revere martial prowess, and both involve characters coming of age in the forge of warfare.




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